FtLoC Team Love

Here you can learn about the team behind the Facebook group, Laundry Love & Cleaning Science (LL&CS), and this website, For the Love of Clean. We are all very happy to be a part of the group and this website, and bring the science behind laundry and cleaning to you!


Tanya Bainbridge
  • Hi! I am a 40-year-old stay at home mom of 2. My daughter is 6 (in first grade) and my son is 2. Therefore, life is messy right now. We have many spills, leaks, drips, and drops at all times of day. My husband works late nights and does minimal travel, so housework is my responsibility. I try my best to keep up, but hope being a part of this group will help keep me motivated to keep up on things and help all of you be happier in your clean homes. I’m certainly looking forward to learning right along with you.


Meg Barrett
  • Hello all! My name is Meg and I am the 40-year-old mom of an 11-year-old son, an 18-month-old daughter, and a 6-month-old son. I’ve been married to my Prince Charming for 3 years. A friend sent me to LL&CS when I pulled out the hand-me-downs from my first son and found the dreaded yellow baby stains. She knew I’d find help here!
  • My background is in food. I am a graduate of Baltimore International College with a dual major in Cooking and Baking, so I’m very familiar with cookware and kitchen disasters, as well as keeping white chef coats white.
  • I have the reputation in real life as “that friend” who you call when you’ve got a mysterious or offensive cleaning issue. My husband is also a mechanic and he gets filthy. From kid grime to pet grime to automotive grime, I’ve cleaned it! I’m not easily frightened by a tough cleaning challenge. As a busy mom in single income family I am also very time and budget conscious. I want things to do the job efficiently and cost effectively.
  • I am a reformed homemade “detergent” user. I am now a Foca and Biz convert!


Lynn Brandt
  • Hello everyone! I am a 27-year-old stay at home mom. Before becoming a mother to my beautiful little girl and little boy, I went to college at the wonderful Miami University (in Ohio) and earned a BS in Kinesiology and Health. While there, I also delved into the world of catering. After earning my degree, I took a much-needed break from school and entered the corporate world of hotels and catering. It suited me very well and I thoroughly enjoyed what I did, but after my daughter arrived I realized it was best for my family and me to step away and take care of her. One day I was watching Shark Tank (love that show!) and I heard about the modern cloth diaper. This brought me to find FL&CDS and FL&CDS brought me to find LL&CS. I was never much of a cleaner, but this group has definitely turned me into one, which has made my husband very happy. We have 2 dogs, 1 cat, a toddler, a newborn, and then there’s my husband, so there is always plenty of things to clean, and clean up after. I absolutely love my HE washer, Folex, and Shark vacuum. I am happy to be a part of the admin team and happy to be here to help our wonderful members!


Kristi Bryan
  • I’m a stay at home mom of four kids. I was never taught how to clean or organize and clutter gives me anxiety, so this group has been a lifesaver. My first night in LL&CS I spent hours reading files and looking at pictures. I like to pass on the information I have learned, and even have people calling to ask me cleaning questions now. In my cleaning cabinet you will find Persil Sensitive Skin, Biz, April Fresh Unstopables, and Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products.


Jessica Carroll
  • Hey there! I’m Jessica (24) and have always been interested in cleaning. Since my 14th birthday my family started getting me cool gadgets and gizmos to make cleaning fun. My last big gift was an Oreck Orbiter, super fun to use. Needless to say when I first got into LL&CS I was -hooked-. Ever since day one I have been helping out and reading up on everything I can! I’m a newly single mama of one and work from home and go to school at home, so I have lots of opportunities to keep this house clean (not that I always use ‘em). Cleaning is something that you can do for even five minutes and take a day that felt not so great into “Look what I visibly accomplished!” It’s a good feeling and I am happy to help other folks be more successful in their cleaning endeavors.


Hilary Clay
  • I’m a cell biologist who loves telling people about the science behind everyday things. I love finding simple solutions to cleaning problems and I organize like a boss. In addition to being a science nerd, I am a book nerd, a photography nerd, and a gardening nerd. I may just be a nerd. I have a three-year-old who thinks the Roomba is his friend and who is surprisingly good at pipetting.


Heather DeVoll
  • Hi! I’m Heather and I’m a teacher-turned-SAHM. My husband and I met freshman year of college in Monterey and have been married for 6 years. Now we’re living the dream here in central California with our 1-year-old son and our Lab/Shepherd mix. In addition to being a self-proclaimed neat freak, I also love gardening, making art, and sewing. My family is very environmentally conscious. We cloth diaper our son, compost, and use unpaper towels.
  • My current detergents are Tide Original powder (for diapers) and Kirkland Environmentally Responsible liquid (for everything else). I also use Calgon, Borax, Biz, and Shout in various combinations. What can I say, I like options! I love my Samsung front loaders! Some of my favorite cleaning tools and products are my Dyson vacuum, Bissell Little Green Machine, Bar Keeper’s Friend, Method all-purpose cleaner (the scents!), and Dawn/vinegar. I love being a part of LL&CS and getting to share everything I’ve learned with others, especially if it can make their lives a little bit easier.


Gràcia FD
  • I’m Gràcia, a freelance translator from Spain absolutely fascinated by science and learning, which is one of the reasons I love this group so much. I’m a mom to two wonderful girls, E (3 years old) and T (newborn) and I’m currently trying to find our new rhythm as a family of 4.


Shawna Gwin
  • Hi I’m Shawna, a 28-year-old homemaker and soon to be first time mom residing in sunny Arizona. My husband and I were married on Halloween and will soon be welcoming a baby girl into the world. We’re already parents to two very unique cats and are beyond excited to add a human baby to the mix!
  • My schooling background is in business, visual communication, graphic design, and fashion merchandising. I love art and clothes, especially of the vintage variety. I worked for many years at a well-known drug store as a head photo technician and a senior beauty advisor, but then I traded that in to be a graphic designer and a private patient consultant at a medical marijuana dispensary. Every job I’ve had has somehow involved science, so learning the science behind the clean seemed fitting for becoming a homemaker!
  • I joined this group to motivate me to get better at cleaning, I’ve always had the knowledge, but I’ve never had the drive. It’s definitely helped, and needing a tidier house for our little one has helped even more!
  • I was recently gifted a Shark and never thought I’d be as excited to vacuum as I am now. It’s so gratifying seeing what is being cleaned up! My laundry routine has been minimal until recently, but ever since learning about the science behind laundering, I’ve been modifying my routine to best suit our needs.
  • I’m excited to be a bigger part of this group and continue my homemaking journey with the knowledge I’ve gained and will continue to expand upon.


Brittani Harris
  • I’m 28, and a single mom to a 2-year-old. I do my best cleaning when I’m mad or have to think through a big decision. I love to bake, read, sew, crochet, and play The Sims. I’m planning to go back to school to get a Master’s in Social Work.


Victoria Hitchcock
  • I’m Victoria! I’m a former professional legislative researcher with a background in Anthropology and History, but now stay at home with my husband and 3 boys: 15, 5, and 2 years old, 4 cats, and a fluffy dog. I love laundry (Persil is my passion and law enforcement uniforms are my conquered nemesis) and leather care. I’m a recovered slob who uses too much BFK and Clorox wipes with an all too personal understanding of how disabilities and mental illness can affect home care.


Whitney Hogan
  • Hi everyone! My name is Whitney and I am a 27-year-old SAHM. I have been married to my best friend and partner in crime for 7 years. Together we have 3 children ages 6,4, and 1. My little family currently resides in Northern Cali.
  • We are an *almost* paper free home. We cloth diaper, use mama cloth, unpaper towels, and napkins, etc. Add all that to everyday laundry and I’m always washing something. BUT! That is perfectly okay, because I find laundry fun and relaxing.
  • I have lived in areas with all kinds of water from soft to the nasty iron rich well water. Currently, we have hard city water, which is very manageable. I currently wash in either Tide Original powder or Gain with either Calgon or Borax (whatever is on hand). I use a 6-year-old Roper simple top loading washer and dryer, so no HE here. I love my clothesline and if my husband would let me, I’d line dry everything. Hand washing, delicates, stains, bleach, or heavily soiled it doesn’t bother me. I love what challenges every load of laundry may bring.


Karoline Johnson
  • Hi! I’m a 32-year-old mom of a 9 month old baby boy, a golden retriever, and a labradoodle. For the time being, I stay at home with my son. I have a degree in economics and have built my career in financial advising. In college, my nickname was Martha Stewart because I was always the crafty, clean neat freak of the house. I love all things cleaning, organization, and decor related. I have learned so many great things from being part of this group. I’m excited to share that knowledge and learn more!


Erica M Lemon
  • I was born and raised in Iowa and graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Environmental Studies. The Midwest is in my blood! I now live in Illinois with my husband and two kids. Owen is 6 and in kindergarten; Amelia is 2 and attends daycare while I work full-time out of a nature center.
  • I became a strong vaccine advocate while pregnant with my son, which really deepened my love for science. LL&CS has made my love for science grow even more. I enjoy reading all the details as to why something does or doesn’t work. Cleaning isn’t my number one priority while at home, but since joining the LL&CS group on Facebook, I have discovered how satisfying and easy it can be to get things really clean!


Christine McCullough
  • Hi, I’m Christine! I’m a 28-year-old SAHM to 3 kids, ages 9, 7, and 3. I also have a Golden Retriever and a black cat. I live in the Seattle, WA area. I used to really struggle with keeping up with house cleaning and laundry. About a year ago, I stumbled across some cleaning routine and organizing/decluttering videos on YouTube that really inspired me. I got everything in order and really figured out that it’s much easier to have a daily routine that keeps you on top of everything and keeps your house from becoming too overwhelming. I love helping people who are in the same boat that I was in!
  • Some of my favorite cleaning products/tools/brands: E-cloth (mop, general purpose cloth, polishing cloth), Universal Stone cleaner, Force of Nature, Costco Baby Wipes, Frosch, and Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away vacuum.


Ida Morris
  • Hello all! I am a 34-year-old stay at home mom to my daughters who are 13 and 1, and my son who’s 8. I’ve always loved cleaning and was *that* friend who wanted to clean your room when I came over. Admittedly, it is not quite near as much fun to clean my own home. I’m fond of working smarter, not harder, so I strive to use the right products for the right jobs. I stumbled into LL&CS from FL&CDS and was elated to have some of my methods verified, (Tide is life!) as well as learn better, and find brand new ways of getting things cleaned! I’ve been with my husband for 9 years and married for almost 3. We also have 3 cats and a dog and eventually want to add goats and chickens. My favorite cleaning products are Tide, Dawn, Folex, and #buyalltheSharks. I’m very happy to be a part of the admin team and look forward to upholding our community standards of safety, respect, and kindness!


Cristi Payne
  • I am a mother of two living in Fort Mill, SC. I have a degree in biochemistry. I am a passionate knitter and specialist in the care and cleaning of handcrafted items.


Tamara Pendergrass
  • I am 34 years old and currently a SAHM to 2 boys, with a little girl coming soon. I grew up as a military brat, and met my husband in high school chemistry. He is now in the Air Force. I have a bachelor in math with a minor in physics, as well as a masters in math. I taught high school math and physics for 10 years before this last move. I love to read, knit, and crochet. I also love for things to be clean and organized. Organization is a strength, and I love to help others get organized (my house has a lot of lists and binders for different things).


Amanda Perez
  • Hello! I’m a 35-year-old stay at home mom to my two wonderful sons, 4 and 2. Prior to being a SAHM, I was a behaviorist working primarily with children with Autism. I have a Master’s degree in Psychology, a second Master’s degree in Teaching with an Emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis, and a national certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. I have both my sons in cloth diapers. I am married to a wonderful man whom I met in 2009. We were married (eloped) at the local courthouse in October 2010 and our first son was born in 2012. What can I say, we moved fast! I stopped working when my first son was almost one year for a variety of reasons to be home with my son. My husband works very hard to make this a possibility for us.
  • Seeing all my education, you would think I would have been smart enough to find FL&CDS prior to venturing into the CD world, but nope! I made every mistake known to FL&CDS. I went to our local brick and mortar CD store, bought all MF inserts, and all one kind of diaper, and fell into the homemade “detergent” trap. When I got stink, stains, slimy diapers, film, buildup, and rashes within 6 months, a lovely woman on my local cloth diapering board directed me to FL&CDS. I will forever be grateful to her! I read the files. And read the files. And read the files. And I cried over my baby’s bums. And fixed it. My husband is so grateful for my “fluffing group,” as his armpits no longer “smell like ass” from that “homemade crap”. LOL!
  • My current laundry routine is: Prewash the diapers/wipes/wet bags in an express wash with Line 1 of Tide, and ¼ C. of Borax or ½ cap of Calgon in cold. Main wash all laundry in heavy-duty wash with all clothes added to my diaper laundry with Line 4 Tide and Line 1 Gain in Apple Mango Tango, and ½ C. of Borax or 1 cap of Calgon in warm. I do laundry every day because I hate to clean, but I like things clean, so I clean a little everyday instead of a lot at once.
  • I’m so so so very excited to continue to learn with you all about stains and CLEAN laundry.


Emily Reyes
  • Hi! I’m Emily. I’m 24 years old and reside in Oklahoma. I’ve been married to my husband for almost three years. We have a 6-year-old (my stepdaughter), 1-year-old daughter, and a baby to arrive in June 2016. We also have two dogs and a cat. We are slowly transitioning to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. We cloth diaper, mama cloth, and are working on unpaper towels. Besides talking diapers and cleaning, I love to craft and DIY. I’m a self-proclaimed Pinterest addict. My favorite cleaning tool is Windex. I LOVVVEEEE the smell! We use Tide HE powder or Arm & Hammer plus Oxi on our laundry and add Borax for hard water. I’m excited to continue to learn to clean different things and fight those annoying laundry stains!


Laura Reznicki
  • Hello, I’m Laura! I live in Chicago and I’m a teacher. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s degree in Literacy Education. I enjoy traveling, eating spicy food, and getting sucked into a good book. I joined LL&CS in the spring of 2015. I was looking for some cleaning inspiration and boy did I find it! I loved the support of the group and I loved what I was learning about proper wash routines. I became an admin for the group in August of 2015. I love getting to help others and I enjoy problem solving all the cleaning dilemmas that our members bring to our group. My favorite cleaning products are Seventh Generation Ultra Power Plus detergent, Mrs. Meyer’s Multi Surface Cleaner, Bac-Out, and Bar Keepers Friend. My goal as an admin is to promote a supportive learning environment for the love of all things clean.


Teresa Rosson
  • Hello! I’m a stay-at-home mom with my 4yo and 2yo daughters. I have a master’s degree in chemistry, and I really enjoy learning and sharing how laundry and cleaning products work. I’ve learned so much from being a member of Laundry Love & Cleaning Science and have tried several new products simply because they were mentioned here, including BKF.
  • I will tell people more information than they ever wanted to know about their laundry detergent and washing machine. My family thinks I have way too many detergents in my basement for any one person. My favorites right now are Wisk, OxiClean HD, and Purex, plus Shout spray for stains. I LOVE doing laundry and helping others figure out a good wash routine!
    Confession: Most of my house is a perpetual mess, which I can only partially blame on the kids. So while I’m here to help with *how* to clean, I am also here to learn how to actually *do* it!


Lexci Schweer
  • Hello, I’m Lexci. I have 2 kids and am currently a stay at home mom. I’m from Pennsylvania. When I was younger I hated cleaning but now I absolutely love it. My kids are Damon and Noah. Gain is my best friend.


Hildur Ó Skúladóttir
  • Hi, I am Hildur. I am a 27-year-old SAHM at the moment. I live in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. I speak Icelandic and English, although I understand a little in a few other languages.
  • I met the love of my life at work and we started dating 10.5 years ago. Together we have the cutest little 1-year-old son that I cloth diaper. I do that because I am just too cheap not to. I decided long before there was even a thought to have children, to cloth diaper it/them. I just couldn’t justify spending all that money on diapers that just got thrown away.
  • I am a journeyman dressmaker by education and love sewing a lot. I am currently trying to pursue turning that into a full-time job. I enjoy making all things with my hands. Knitting, sewing, building, crafting, you get the idea. I also like learning the reasons or science behind things and teaching and helping others. At work I am a total neat freak. At home I might let things slide a little more than I am willing to admit. And I really hold on to things that might be useful later.
  • I love to do laundry, but despise folding and putting it away. When we were renting I had few years experience in using coin operated, communal washers, so when we finally bought our apartment I picked out the prettiest most fancy washing machine I could find, and I really truly love it. In Iceland we only have front loaders and really soft water so I have really good experience in those conditions. I don’t own a dryer and inside line dry mostly everything; I will dry my inserts on a towel oven rack. With our concrete walls and dry air, drying on line or a rack works here. My detergent is European Ariel. I was always willing to spend slightly more for the excellent results.
  • Being an accidentally messy person, I needed something to really take good care of my laundry. I never spot treat before hand and 99% of everything comes out in the first try. I have been doing soaks for years; long before I knew that it was called a deep clean for my extra dirty items that don’t get laundered regularly.
  • I feel so privileged to be a part of this admin team and helping others clean, be it by motivation, advice or detailed step-by-step instructions. I have few mottos, one of them being: there are no stupid questions.


Sarah Speelman
  • I am 26 and have a Bachelors in Microbiology and Biochemistry, and a Masters in Biology with a concentration of Immunology and Virology. I’ve worked in the medical device field, and I currently work in good quality and safety. I’m an avid reader and I foster dogs in my free time.


Lexi Watts
  • Hi, I’m Lexi! I am 28 years old, SAHM to my almost 7-year-old daughter, and I have been with my husband since I was 16 years old! My husband was in the US Army, and is currently a chef.
  • I LOVE laundry! Clean clothes make me happy. I enjoy cleaning in general, and my arsenal of products.
  • We live in Salem, OR we have well water and septic.
  • I love helping others, and I will always give you an honest answer. If I don’t know something, or haven’t used a specific product, I will tell you and help you find a solution


Chelsea Whidden
  • Hi, I’m Chelsea Whidden. I’m 27 and I live in New Brunswick, Canada. My husband and I have a 3½-year-old daughter and a 1-year-old son. I work in security sales and marketing for one of the largest IT companies in the world. We started cloth diapering for the savings (it only saves you money if you don’t buy all the cute diapers!), which led me to FL&CDS and eventually, LL&CS. I’ve gone from hating laundry to loving it, even taking things from other people’s homes to clean and crossing the border for laundry supplies (mmm, Biz, which or may not have been the primary reason I renewed my passport). I’m become the laundry guru in both mine, and my husband’s families. Our cleaning style could be described as controlled chaos. At this point we maintain mostly and occasionally deep clean. In my spare time (ha!), I like sitting quietly without children crawling on me, naps, and photography since that’s what one of my degrees is for. I’m pretty excited to be joining the admin team here and be able to help people the way this page has helped me!


Tiffany Wilks
  • Hi! I’m Tiffany. I’m a cleaning and organizing guru. I love the science behind the clean, finding out why it works or why it doesn’t. I’m currently a stay at home mom, but hoping to open my own cleaning business sometime within the next 2 years.


Renee Wolf
  • Hello! I am 33 years old and currently a SAHM to my 2 children, who are 9 and 2. I am married to my high school sweetheart, and we live in Colorado.
  • I joined this group about a year ago because I felt like I was never shown how to clean properly. I quickly found out that I knew more than I thought and have continued to learn so much from the other members. From day one, I always loved how this group was run and how hard the admins worked to keep everything going smoothly, so to say I am excited to be a part of this team in any capacity is an understatement.