Pine-Sol in the Wash

Pine-Sol in the wash? Sounds crazy right? But, people have used Pine-Sol in the wash for years! You can also use Pinalen OR another brand of Pine Cleaner as long as it has laundry instructions on the label. The same steps apply to those as stated below.

Pine-Sol in the wash:

1. Only the Original Multi-Surface Pine-Sol is laundry safe for colorfast items only (materials that don’t bleed). The other scents are not formulated to be used in the wash. The scented versions can create suds, and those suds can get to areas where they are not supposed to go, ruin any electronics inside, and can mess up your drain pump. **🇨🇦 Please note that the Canadian version of this Pine-Sol does NOT have laundry instructions on the label. It is, however, perfectly safe to use in the wash.  🇨🇦**

2. When used in the wash Pine-Sol helps deodorize, and soften clothing, towels, etc. It is also ideal for grease stains. You can rub it on the stain, and add it to the wash in general.

3. 1/4 – 1/2 cup of Pine-Sol is plenty. Use it in addition to Detergent. You can add it directly to the drum, or in the detergent drawer with detergent. Do NOT add it in the Fabric Softener dispenser. Pine-Sol is safe for all types of washers, including HE machines.

4. Pine-Sol does NOT Disinfect, or Sanitize in the wash, only on hard non-porous surfaces used at full strength.

5. Do NOT use Pine-Sol in the Bleach dispenser. Mixing Bleach and Pine-Sol in specific proportions release toxic chlorine gas. Chlorine is extremely poisonous and quickly causes loss of consciousness, respiratory arrest, and death when inhaled. These cleaning products must be used separately, and not in the same load whatsoever.

6. Even if you don’t use Bleach, Pine-Sol only recommends it being added to the drum or the detergent drawer. Adding it to the Bleach compartment or fabric softener area does not ensure it is rinsed away fully, and you could have a reaction, as well as damage to your machine over time.


By: Lexi Watts